Energage Names ESG Automotive a Winner of the 2021 Top Workplaces USA Award

Troy, Michigan January 28, 2021 – Today ESG Automotive has announced it has earned the 2021 Top Workplaces USA award, issued by Energage , a purpose-driven organization that develops solutions to build and brand Top Workplaces. This is the inaugural year for Top Workplaces USA, built on the program’s 14-year history surveying more than 20 […]

Prototype Factory Workflow Service Offering

Software Product Prototyping From Prototype to Production; Our turnkey product development services cover ideation to development and on to engagement. Average of 3x Reduction in Lead Time From Requirement Definition to Prototype for Stakeholders Feature Owner Sandbox, Virtualization of Local Development Environments, Expanded Validation of CI Environment with Hardware Integrations Average of 6x More A/B […]

Software Hardening Guide

Sources & Citations Much of this guide is built on the shoulders of others within the software development community. For expanded information checkout the following articles: Ten Ways to Secure your Applications Twelve-Factor App Secure Coding Practice Guide – UC Berkeley University OWASP Secure Coding Practices Quick Reference Guide MITRE Threat Assessment and Remediation Analysis […]

DevOps Tool Selection: How We Choose the Right Tools for Us

Introduction There are many moving parts when developing software but luckily we can outsource a lot of those to 3rd party tools generally, such as Continuous Integration and security tools. But how do you pick the right one of many different options to use? First we start off by finding tools that support or integrate […]

Hardware Selection and Software Optimizations

Introduction As the world moves ever forward to smaller embedded systems, the difficulty of selecting the right hardware for the job becomes increasingly difficult. Our RAPID software is built to run on Mini PCs within a towing or trucking vehicle. As a result, they need to be ruggedized to handle the extremes possible within this […]

Live GPS and Vehicle Tracking

Overview RAPID provides live GPS tracking and it is potentially one of the most useful tools a fleet monitoring service can provide. It allows you to visualize where each one of your vehicles is on a map alongside how fast they are going and other vehicle status information-very useful for making sure your trucks are […]

Remote Video Streaming and Management

Video Streaming RAPID can fully manage live streams remotely from the vehicle including the ability to start and stop streams on a camera-by-camera basis. We utilize Wowza’s video streaming service to stream our local camera feeds from the device to each user interface. Once the Wowza has received our live stream we’re able to display […]

Sensor Driven Events

Overview One of RAPID’s use cases is to allow for configuration of sensor-driven events or alerts. We want to provide our customers with the ability to know if something has gone wrong as soon as it has, or even provide them with information about if something COULD HAVE gone wrong based on sensor data such […]

Meeting Deadlines with Django

We’re consistently engineering to a deadline when working in the connected car and IoT sectors. Teams bring us in to do everything from prototyping solutions to support requirement definitions, to building scalable production platforms that support thousands of transactions a minute. We have a large toolbox of technologies and frameworks that enable us to meet […]