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Who We Are

For the past 60 years, ESG has focused on building a better world of connected systems by assisting teams, large and small, with their leading priorities.

Our cross-industry expertise has put us in the driver’s seat on such projects as resolving inter-module communication issues on attack helicopters, to building complete electrical platforms for production vehicles, to digitally transforming existing product lines & IT to solve company supply chain and growth problems. We believe in execution and accomplishments over expertise; We care more about how effective our team members are at translating their existing knowledge into results, and an unwavering drive to continuously improve themselves, bringing more success to the mission.

Our customers range from major automotive manufacturers to startups. In every case, our customers trust us to deliver excellence so that they can survive and thrive. We assist them across the entire product development lifecycle, helping them to identify how they can effectively adopt operational principles necessary to be high performing software & product teams. We solve the problem of not having the resources to handle their technological needs. Bringing cross functional teams to their aid to help with development to marketing support.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help valued clients solve complex electrical, software, and IT system problems with solutions that are secure, robust, and positively impact their business. We challenge and engage our team members with meaningful projects that inspire innovation and allow us to make a difference internally and externally.
Transforming your organization into a technology company can seem impossible. If your company is in a highly-regulated industry and has a rooted culture it can seem like there’s no room to maneuver. If you’re a part of a successful small business who’s ready to move to the next level and need to start flexing your technology muscles, we can help. It can be difficult and extremely time consuming to build out a new team, manage it, and still meet the challenges you’re trying to overcome. It doesn’t have to be.
By building cross functional teams comprised of top talent in the field, ESG works with our customers to eliminate these challenges. Each team member is passionate about solving complex problems, from autonomous driving to drone control systems, from smart city networking to medical asset tracking, we utilize our cross-industry skills to help customers meet their immediate business needs and grow their development capabilities. Whether you’re a startup with no development team or a Fortune 50 in a highly regulated industry trying to digitally transform, you can meet the shifting technological challenges of today. Let us know what your business objectives are, how you’re measuring success, and we’ll work as your partner to achieve your goals.

Key Core Values

What we stand for

Every organization should be able to create or utilize technology to help them excel in their industry. We help companies achieve excellence through an unrivaled dedication to our key core values;

Customer Success

Customer success is at the center of everything we do. As your success partner, we are determined to help you reach the summit.

Agile Teamwork

With success as a common goal, we work tirelessly together to create exceptional products for you in quick turnaround times.

Radical Transparency

We know that having a false sense of reality is the quickest way to demise. We live radically transparent and consciously reject silos and barriers.​

Constant Learning

We are dedicated to pushing our boundaries and capabilities, forever seeking new breakthroughs in how we develop products.

Creative Innovation

We strive to increase creativity and innovation in everything we do. Rather than forever chasing the "Next Big Idea," we are constantly looking to invent and iterate on our customer's products and services from new perspectives and circumstances.​

What's Next?

We have an unyielding passion to grow, to improve, and to find new opportunities to help others. We view a completed project as having won the opportunity to find new horizons we can cross.

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