Analytics & Insights

We help our customers unlock actionable
business insights by leveraging the power of Data.

Skip the technology learning curve.

What feature should you develop next? Which aspect of your existing system should you optimize to reach your objectives? How are the experiments your teams are executing moving the needle on your priorities’ key measures of success? If you see being data-driven as a strategic issue for your entire business we’re here to help. Skip the technology learning curve, we’ll help you aggregate the critical data points of your system and generate reports containing the insights you need.

We Tailor Solutions To Fit Your Needs

We’ll help you build a business intelligence system that delivers value without weighing your team down. Lean on our cross industry experience and competencies with open source and proprietary solutions to build your toolchain. Excel to Qlik we’ll help your team punch above your weight class.

Get a complimentary business assessment!

Reach out for a complimentary business assessment prior to committing to
expensive long term contracts with BI tools.

Get a complimentary business assessment!​

Reach out for a complimentary business assessment prior to committing to expensive long term contracts with BI tools.

Optimize Engineering Velocity

Stop measuring velocity wrong. Tools ascribing to give you insights about how your teams are performing are just tracking how many tickets get closed in a given timeframe. Improve your insights by tracking how effectively effort is moving your organization toward your top business objectives. We’ll help you reduce wasted effort by giving you the insights to understand if you should pivot or persevere on your current direction.

Requirement Traceability & Insights

Benefit more from adopting standards than meeting compliance and checking a box. Link requirements to implementation, validation, and deployment enabling insights into change failure rates, mean time to recovery, lead time to change, and deployment frequency. Once we establish a baseline we’ll assist you on achieving elite engineering operations.

Edge System Data
Aggregation & Visualization

Pull data from your IoT devices to determine how to enhance your business operations. From fleet management to end of line analysis we’ll build you the algorithms you need to reduce costs, gain efficiencies, and eliminate downtime.

Need a data aggregation platform?

Checkout our open source Rapid Fleet Management Framework.