Auklet Problem Solving Software

Auklet Problem Solving Software

Problem solving software that helps developers fix issues throughout their entire deployment. Real-time reports on errors and poor performing functions.

Fix Problems Before Customers Report Them

AI Powered To Make Solving Issues Easy

1. Get Notified

Immediately after performance issues or bugs are found you receive a report that has the intel you need to solve the problem fast.

2. Resolve Issues

Our feather weight package spots unhandled exceptions, performance problems, and what’s causing them in real time.

3. Track New Release

Each release is compared to historic performance to keep you informed when regressions happen or improvements are made.

Avoid The Headaches
of Capturing Error Data

Flocks of Auklet pull all the relevant issue and performance data every time a problem is identified. It doesn’t matter where your app is or what state it’s in.

AI Route Optimization

Auklet AI correlates trends and rising performance problems across your deployment while tracking known issues so you can solve the problems, not research them.

Focus on Product Zen

Stay in your meditation state, delivering value to your customers with new features. Auklet is always keeping an eye on your fleet for you.

Language Support

Auklet easily integrates with your C/C++, Python, and other projects.

Start solving performance problems
before your customers report them.

Start solving performance problems
before your customers report them.