Beginners Can Now Build Professional Sites in Minutes With No Coding Using AI Tools

In today’s digital world, having a professional website is crucial for establishing your brand, selling products online, publishing your work, and more. But not that long ago, building a custom website required complex coding skills or hiring an expensive developer. Thankfully, a new category of tool has completely transformed website creation - the AI website builder. In this article, we’ll provide an easy-to-understand overview explaining what AI website builders are, key reasons you should use one, and some top options to consider for your first website.

What are AI Website Builders?

AI website builders are software tools that allow you to create a website by simply dragging-and-dropping elements into place. Some examples of top AI website builders include Wix AI and Squarespace. 

These builders use artificial intelligence to provide design suggestions and automatically optimize sites for search engines and mobile responsiveness. The AI takes care of the coding in the background so you don’t have to learn any complex web development skills.

Key Benefits

There are many reasons everyday people are turning to AI websites builders to create their sites:

1. No coding required – The AI eliminates the need to manually code your site. You just drag, drop, customize, and publish!

2. Professional templates – Builders offer beautifully-designed templates for blogs, stores, portfolios, and more.

3. Automated optimization – Your site will be optimized for search engines like Google automatically.

4. Easy customization – Most builders allow some level of custom CSS/HTML coding for advanced personalization.

5. Built-in analytics – Understand how visitors interact with your site using the analytics tools.

6. Affordable pricing – Packages start as low as $10-$15 per month for basic sites.

Top AI Website Builder Options 

If you’re ready to create your site with an AI builder, these three options provide excellent features and usability:

Wix AI – Extremely easy to use while still providing advanced features for ecommerce and customization.

Squarespace – Very flexible templates with automatic optimization for mobile and SEO. 

WordPress – Open-source builder with the largest template library. Easy content editing.

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The best part about AI website builders is how fast you can create a site compared to coding from scratch or hiring a developer. Most builders offer free trials, so you can test drive the editor before committing. 

We recommend starting with one of the template options that fits your website needs rather than a blank canvas. Add your own text, images, and customization on top of the template foundation. Don’t be afraid to experiment until you get a design you love!

While building your first site has a learning curve, AI builders dramatically reduce the barriers for creating an elegant online presence. Once you publish that first site, you’ll gain confidence to build even more advanced websites in the future leveraging these transformative no-code AI tools.