Live GPS and Vehicle Tracking

Overview RAPID provides live GPS tracking and it is potentially one of the most useful tools a fleet monitoring service can provide. It allows you to visualize where each one of your vehicles is on a map alongside how fast they are going and other vehicle status information-very useful for making sure your trucks are […]

Remote Video Streaming and Management

Video Streaming RAPID can fully manage live streams remotely from the vehicle including the ability to start and stop streams on a camera-by-camera basis. We utilize Wowza’s video streaming service to stream our local camera feeds from the device to each user interface. Once the Wowza has received our live stream we’re able to display […]

RAPID Feature Overview: Sensor Driven Events

Overview One of RAPID’s use cases is to allow for configuration of sensor-driven events or alerts. We want to provide our customers with the ability to know if something has gone wrong as soon as it has, or even provide them with information about if something COULD HAVE gone wrong based on sensor data such […]

Meeting Deadlines with Django

We’re consistently engineering to a deadline when working in the connected car and IoT sectors. Teams bring us in to do everything from prototyping solutions to support requirement definitions, to building scalable production platforms that support thousands of transactions a minute. We have a large toolbox of technologies and frameworks that enable us to meet […]

Supporting Django REST Framework

Almost every backend application we build for our customers has some RESTful API component to it. Whether it’s exposing data to internal systems or making insights available to external applications Django REST Framework (DRF) allows us to build out scalable, secure APIs rapidly. Django REST Framework enables a lot of “Don’t Repeat Yourself” (DRY) development, […]

Fleet Communications

There has been stiff competition in the fleet management world where having an edge in the market could mean acquiring significant market proportions. The best way to get an edge is by making quick decisions based on real-time data. Many fleet owners have been converting their fleets into smart fleet networks that continuously pump diagnostic […]

ECAD MCAD Integration

Electronic CAD and Mechanical CAD integration plays a vital role in the modern world design. It is also the most important part of the complete design cycle. The Mechanical CAD helps to create the concept in the 3 dimensional object while the Electronics CAD provides the logical information of electrical connectivity. For example in a […]

CAD Model Design Practices

Device/Equipment Basic requirements for a standard CAD model of a device/equipment must have Parametrics envelope for packaging – what is the shape and size Mounting definition – how device/equipment will be mounted Mating definition – how and where device connector will meet Identification/Part Number Active Harness Component Basic requirements for a standard CAD model of […]

Electrical Computer Aided Design – Automotive & Aerospace

Electrical Wire Harness design for Maserati Ghibli. Image courtesy of Siemens PLM Software. Introduction In the modern engineering world Computer Aided Design aka. CAD is becoming the most important field. It not only helps a huge cost savings to the company but also gives a rapid product development capability. Multiple pioneer software industries have developed […]

Product Supply Chain – Interweaving IoT Supply Chain with Developer Operations

As the internet of things breaks down barriers between hardware, electronics, software, and orchestration of delivery to customers, the supply chains powering them are becoming more intertwined. The software supply chain often represented by or associated with developer operations (DevOps), and the traditional supply chain, highlight this entanglement. One taking code, the other raw materials, and transforming them into value-adding solutions for customers.