Preserving Battery Life in IoT Devices

With the explosion of IoT devices in the last years, battery consumption is gaining its importance as a criterion in the analysis of chipsets, sensors, and IoT modules. Many of the IoT devices out in the wild must run on an extended period of time, which requires a low battery power, this is also applicable […]

Iterating Your Internet of Things

The age of IoT is upon us. The last decade has seen the advent of the most complex consumer-facing IoT application out there, your vehicle. We’ve gone from a completely disconnected form of transportation with four wheels and a steering column to an array of sensors and modules that communicate over an ever-growing suite of […]

Not Your Senior Developer’s Application Performance Monitoring Solution

Photo Credits: (n.d.). Bubblegum Castle. Retrieved from Adventure Time Wiki Jon Snow GOT. HBO We all want to make amazing products that our customers love and that work fantastically when new features roll out. Sad to say, no matter how much testing we do there’s always at least a bug or two that make it […]

Improving Software Through Process as You Enter the Internet of Things

One of the most requested tasks we are called into enterprises for is to help them adopt an agile methodology. Often these organizations are giants in their industry and have reached these positions using a cocktail of waterfall, V-model, and self-built processes that have resulted in billions of dollars in revenue. The end products they’ve produced range […]

Redefined Python Agent For The Edge

Ever since we attended PyCon this year, we’ve been hard at work rebuilding our python agent. We took the feedback we received from the event, compiled it with the ongoing input from our beta users and set out to redefine how we manage APM for Python. The result is a more than ten times more […]

Prototype Factory Workflow Service Offering

Software Product Prototyping From Prototype to Production; Our turnkey product development services cover ideation to development and on to engagement. Average of 3x Reduction in Lead Time From Requirement Definition to Prototype for Stakeholders Feature Owner Sandbox, Virtualization of Local Development Environments, Expanded Validation of CI Environment with Hardware Integrations Average of 6x More A/B […]

Software Hardening Guide

Sources & Citations Much of this guide is built on the shoulders of others within the software development community. For expanded information checkout the following articles: Ten Ways to Secure your Applications Twelve-Factor App Secure Coding Practice Guide – UC Berkeley University OWASP Secure Coding Practices Quick Reference Guide MITRE Threat Assessment and Remediation Analysis […]

DevOps Tool Selection: How We Choose the Right Tools for Us

Introduction There are many moving parts when developing software but luckily we can outsource a lot of those to 3rd party tools generally, such as Continuous Integration and security tools. But how do you pick the right one of many different options to use? First we start off by finding tools that support or integrate […]

Hardware Selection and Software Optimizations

Introduction As the world moves ever forward to smaller embedded systems, the difficulty of selecting the right hardware for the job becomes increasingly difficult. Our RAPID software is built to run on Mini PCs within a towing or trucking vehicle. As a result, they need to be ruggedized to handle the extremes possible within this […]

Live GPS and Vehicle Tracking

Overview RAPID provides live GPS tracking and it is potentially one of the most useful tools a fleet monitoring service can provide. It allows you to visualize where each one of your vehicles is on a map alongside how fast they are going and other vehicle status information-very useful for making sure your trucks are […]