Internet of Things

We assist our partners with IoT solutions development by tying emerging technology with their custom IoT business cases.

Hardware Profiling

Find the right balance between future feature growth and cost to ensure you can continue to deploy expanded value to your customers while meeting price per unit objectives. We’ll assist you with prototyping features and benchmarking each element of your system to find hardware that meets your environmental requirements and software load.

Cloud Connectivity

Robust, encrypted, scalable bi-directional communication between your edge devices and your enterprise’s cloud solution. We’ll prepare your pipeline to automatically scale with your business needs, reducing operating costs and time to market.

Over the air updates

Add secure remote updating to your application from day one. We’ll help you complete threat and risk assessments like those we perform on autonomous vehicle and asset tracking systems. Save on development and validation costs by avoiding the pitfalls caused by network inconsistencies, environment conditions, and by using proven edge deployment algorithms.

Production Monitoring
& Optimizations

Once your product is in the field we’ll help you identify insights and spot performance optimizations that can be used to deliver additional value to customers and improve operational efficiencies. Our teams and partners can assist with getting to the root of network, hardware, software, and sensors problems.

Need a data aggregation platform?

Checkout our open source Rapid Fleet Management Framework.