Meeting Deadlines with Django

We’re consistently engineering to a deadline when working in the connected car and IoT sectors. Teams bring us in to do everything from prototyping solutions to support requirement definitions, to building scalable production platforms that support thousands of transactions a minute. We have a large toolbox of technologies and frameworks that enable us to meet these demands in the tight timeframes that our customers require results. In this toolbox, one of our oldest and most utilized tools is the Django Web Framework, which serves as the foundation for many of our backend applications.  Django follows the Python philosophy of batteries included and comes packed with a caching, logging, notification management, user management, a geographic framework, security, and a fast enough ORM that can be optimized with raw SQL when needed. Django also comes with a view layer and templating functionality, but this has become obsolete with the maturing of javascript frameworks such as Emberjs and Reactjs. The pivot to JS frameworks hasn’t been an issue; we’ve replaced the GUI focused view layer with an API built on Django’s REST framework. Supported by this foundation along with the stellar Python & Django communities, we’re able to kickstart projects within hours and can often deploy an initial prototype within a couple of days or weeks, depending on the requirements. Some examples of applications we’ve built around Django include multiple in-vehicle profile management solutions, fleet management platforms, video streaming services, application performance monitoring tools, and vehicle management interfaces. From the small bootstrap applications to the enterprise deployments, Django has scaled with us to meet our customers’ demands while making it easy for them to transition development internally as they grow their team.  Our consistent reliance on Django is why we’re proud to announce that we’ve become a monthly supporter of the Django Software Foundation. We’re looking forward to the 2020 roadmap and beyond!   
Django REST framework is a powerful and flexible toolkit for building Web APIs.