MVCS Fleet Tracking App & MDVR Devices

MVCS Fleet Tracking App & MDVR Devices

We developed a robust, web-based fleet tracking application with over 500 road-ready devices, giving the MVCS the power to capture key metric data such as GPS location, vehicle speed, live video, action alerts, and more.

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Software Development

Developed & Deployed Enterprise-Level Vehicle Monitoring Solution.

Provided Application Performance Monitoring & geospatial subject matter experts.

Analyzed ingested data and provided BI reports on fleet management as well as C/C++ & Python IoT application enhancements.

UI/UX Design, Rapid Prototyping

Our team of UX experts leveraged user-centered design principles to develop the application architecture from user research and stakeholder feedback.  Our visual designers then transformed that research into user interface design prototypes, using industry leading design software.

Security, Infrastructure Management, System Architecture

Secured environment with USM Clients, UTM Firewalls, TLS 1.2, application encryption techniques, database encryption at rest, and multi-stage protection domains. Managed over 120 server assets including Redis, PostgreSQL, Kafka, Spark, Neo4j.

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