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We all want to make amazing products that our customers love and that work fantastically when new features roll out. Sad to say, no matter how much testing we do there’s always at least a bug or two that make it out into production. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Fortune 500 with million dollar validation systems and teams of engineers pounding away on your IoT application. Maybe you’re a startup where everyone sits in the same room and knows the ins and outs of every line of code; doesn’t matter it’s still going to break eventually. As the systems that we create have more and more touch points and become ever more complex there just isn’t a way to validate every single workflow and situation your precious application is going to run into. Especially as we enter into the world of IoT where development and production environments are about as different as Bubblegum Castle and Westeros.

In one you’re safe, can make modifications instantly, the environment is just how you want it, and nothing really ages.  In the other, you’re constantly under attack, it takes forever to get anything done, you’re at the whim of the environment changing every second, and your devices are continually aging faster than you ever thought possible.

As things become more complex we need an application monitoring tool that doesn’t require us to set performance indices, dig through mountains of data with complex queries, or passively monitor graphs for days. We don’t have time for that. We need to make our customers’ lives better with our excellent products.

Found The Needle In The Haystack

When you combine, let’s call them unique, users with different hardware variations, multiple production software versions, devices spread to every edge of the world (We all know that’s what you want), and a slew of other data points you quickly find that finding the underlying problem causing a bug in IoT is extremely hard to pinpoint. Not only is it hard to pinpoint sometimes it’s almost impossible to even identify it exists. How many times has a customer reported a problem to you and you’ve been unable to replicate the issue on your bench?

This is why Auklet is working to do this analysis for you, on real production data. We take in all this information about your application and learn how it is behaving across your entire fleet. When we spot outliers or odd behavior in a cluster of devices we inform you immediately and provide you with the intel that describes the problem for you. Making it possible to replicate the situation on your bench or identify the specific devices that you want to have come in for analysis.

You Did Something Awesome

After you resolve the issue and deploy a new release, we’ll track those devices, as well as others, and let you know that you fixed the problem. If there’s still room for improvement, we’ll let you know the fixes didn’t quite get the job done and start feeding you the new intelligence so you can take another stab at it. We’re building our solution to be your friend, sure we’ll tell you when there’s an unexpected exception that happens or you need to do some introspection, but we’ll also pump you up when you did something awesome.

Notification Zen

Auklet might be your friend, but it’s not your crazy friend who never stops texting you and messages you just to say “hey how’s it going” at 2 AM on a Wednesday night. We know you need your sleep and that you’re already overloaded by PR requests, chat “emergencies”, and social media “in case you missed it”s. If there’s a major problem popping up across the fleet, we’ll sound the alarm, but we won’t keep notifying you of the same issue just because it happened on your one-millionth unit. Instead, we’ll let you know when we first identify an issue and then give you some periodic updates if we find some new, useful, and different data points we think could help you fix the problem.

We Won’t Hold Leaving Against You

Yeah we’re going to double down on friendship, we’re not going to lock you in and force you to stay like some psycho. We are here to help you make amazing products whenever you need it. We’re not here to lock you into some relationship that you might not end up liking after a couple months. Instead we’ll continue to work tirelessly to find out how we can make Auklet even more of an expert at providing you with the knowledge that makes you and your team even more of an all-star cast. Whether you’re using Auklet or not, let us know what issues you are finding out in the wild. We love teaching Auklet how to find them for you so that you can take one thing off your plate and focus on more important objectives.

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