Prototype Factory Workflow Service Offering

Software Product Prototyping

From Prototype to Production; Our turnkey product development services cover ideation to development and on to engagement.

  • Average of 3x Reduction in Lead Time From Requirement Definition to Prototype for Stakeholders 
    • Feature Owner Sandbox, Virtualization of Local Development Environments, Expanded Validation of CI Environment with Hardware Integrations
  • Average of 6x More A/B Tests With Stakeholders 
  • Production Integration Support
  • Fail Fast To Reduce Wasted Effort & Prioritize Effort On Areas of Largest Impact 
    • New Features Other Teams are Dependent On
    • New APIs / Bus Signals
    • Features Gaining the Most Support From User Groups and Stakeholders
  • Pivot, Persevere, Kill Decisions Made Every 2-4 Weeks

Initial Meeting and Brainstorm

  • Stakeholders presents problem and requirements for the project
  • Stakeholders questions us on feasibility and a proposed solution for the problem
  • Initial Meeting Action Items
    • Internalize the problem
    • Gather existing requirement documentation
    • Document identified use cases, needs, and wants of customer
    • Compile potential solutions for identified scenarios
    • Outline any hardware costs associated with proposed solutions
    • Build proposal slide deck for follow up review with customer


Build Proposal Slide Deck

Slide Deck should include:

  • Objective and Key Results
    • What is the customer’s objective and measurements of success for this enhancement to their system
  • Proposed solutions
  • Any questions we have on the project including feasibility
  • Architecture Diagram
  • Proposed Work Plan including prototype for testing feasibility
  • Optional: Second phase proposal outlining non-MVP improvements for prototype


Proposal Meeting

  • Review objective and measures of success with stakeholders
  • Propose possible solutions and speak through pros and cons of each solution
  • Identify questions customer has on the project
  • Suggest optimal prototype from identified options
  • Present work plan 
  • Present possible second phase
  • From this meeting we should gather feedback to make a decision on whether to de-prioritize the feature or continue on with implementing a minimal viable prototype (pivot vs persevere)


Alpha Prototype for Feasibility & Feedback

Alpha Prototype 0.1.0

  • Build initial MVP that proves out feasibility of feature and enables feedback generation from stakeholders (1-2 Week Duration)
  • It should be very barebones and it should show which proposal is the best path for the client
  • Present MVP to stakeholders to gather feedback and start refining existing requirements based on technical findings
  • Work with customer to decide to do another iteration based on feedback (persevere) or backlog/drop the feature (pivot)


Beta Iterations on Prototype

Beta Prototype 0.2.0

  • Prototype 0.2.0 will follow new optimised requirements and build on learnings from alpha (1-2 Week Duration)
  • Present updates to stakeholders and user groups for more feedback and to optimize requirements further
  • Use feedback to optimize interface designs and functionality
  • Repeat beta iterations until satisfactory prototype achieved
  • Work with customer to decide to do another iteration based on feedback (persevere), begin handoff to production teams (persevere), or backlog/drop the feature (pivot)


Handoff & Support Production

Support Through to Production

  • Optimize work plan based on feedback on beta prototype
  • Support production team on integrations and optimizations
  • Work on an iterative schedule with bi-weekly meetings with stakeholders to gather feedback and pivot as needed
  • Optimize requirements based on production integration and stakeholder feedback
  • Start validation of production implementation which include gauging stakeholder satisfaction and prototype validity

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