Sensor Driven Events


One of RAPID’s use cases is to allow for configuration of sensor-driven events or alerts. We want to provide our customers with the ability to know if something has gone wrong as soon as it has, or even provide them with information about if something COULD HAVE gone wrong based on sensor data such as speed and acceleration. The goal of these events is to provide our customers with data that they can use internally and provide to outside sources should the need arise. The information may be pertinent to what occurred at an accident or during another potential problem that could arise during work operations. RAPID is able to notify a user that vehicle A has been recorded rapidly accelerating and that provides traceability and the potential for further information to be provided to fleet managers, insurance agencies, or the authorities.

Collecting and Managing Sensor Data

RAPID constantly records data from a couple of different sensors installed with the PC; GPS, accelerometer, and weather. Currently, we provide support for accelerometer triggered events. This means that we can set a threshold for an event to be triggered when a vehicle is recorded accelerating faster than the threshold. When these events occur, RAPID uploads the prior few minutes of recorded video as well as begins to upload the current and future few minutes of video to the cloud. In addition to uploading video RAPID also creates an alert in the backend database which is then pushed to the fleet monitoring frontend. This allows us to provide historical data to fleet dispatchers as well as provide them with real-time updates about the vehicle. Below is an example of these events:
    "description": "acceleration",
    "version": "1",
    "type": "acceleration",
    "start_time": 1594746423,
    "stop_time": 1594776423,
    "start_location": (42.4683, -83.4623),
    "stop_location": (42.2683, -83.8623),
    "media": ["path", "to", "media", "in", "the", "cloud"],
    "meta_data": {}

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