Consulting is an important component in ESG‘s range of offerings. Our approach is always impartial, integrated, and oriented to implementation. This enables us to take an active role in shaping future technologies.

Like our range of offerings, our consulting services extend over the entire product life cycle.

Our subject areas in technology consulting cover everything from system architectures and bus systems, through IT issues, all the way to training and learning concepts. 

A technology consultant and innovator, ESG is a specialist in advanced and future technologies and tools (FlexRay, Ethernet, and Message Sequence Charts) and is a member of research initiatives and consortia such as AUTOSAR and ASAM.

On the other hand, our process and methods consulting work deals with integrated process approaches in requirements management, the synchronization of product development processes and the methods-supported mastery of complexity in vehicle development.  In these areas, ESG turns to industry standards such as CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integrated), Automotive SPICE or V-Model XT.